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DataSwell provides next generation online charting and dashboarding for 1000’s of travel related financial and operating datasets. The data is available to clients throughout the industry and the DataSwell tools are available to travel data providers enabling them to unlock their data from PDFs and spreadsheets. Clients use DataSwell’s data aggregation and visualization platform to export, share, notify and create custom dashboards for the data that is most important to their business objectives.

The Most Fun You’ll Ever Have Analyzing Data

Charting and analyzing travel industry data has never been easier. We’ve put the industry at your fingertips. You can quickly and easily create time series charts to compare revenues, cash flow, income, EBITDA, financial ratios of all types, and much more. In seconds you can do year over year or quarter over quarter analysis of data, or click on the Data tab to just see the underlying raw data itself.

Time Series Charts – Easy to use graphs for 1000s of financial and operating variables

Year over Year Analysis – One button year over year percentage change calculations

Raw Data Table – One click access to a simple table of the underlying data


Custom Online Dashboards are always current

Keeping up with the data that is key to your job is a challenge. So much data and so little time to track and manage it. We’ve simplified this for you by creating a set of simple online dashboarding capabilities. Once you’ve identified the data critical to you, simply post it to your dashboard. There we’ll save that chart so you can easily revisit it each month, drill down to the details, and group and label your charts to fit your needs. You’ll have all your data online and 24/7 wherever you have browser access.

Online Dashboards – Online, always available, always up-to-date

Customized – Pick the charts or create the charts you want to track

Organized – Create as many dashboards with as many charts as you’d like


Spice up your presentation with a great chart

Once you’ve found or created the analysis you want, downloading it is no problem. Download a picture of the chart to PowerPoint or as pdf file, or download the raw data to Excel so you can manipulate the data further. No need to spend hours hunting for data online to support your analysis. We’ve consolidated that data, and you can search, find, and export it right into your presentation or spreadsheet…in minutes!

100s of Charts for Your Presentation – 100s of downloadable charts, ready for you to use

Download to ppt or pdf – Download in seconds right to your presentation

Download raw data to xls – just the data if you’d like to analyze further