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The world’s most advanced real time advertising

Think Realtime brings to market a lightning-fast ability to analyze and intelligently price media space. The result for our clients is greater volume of actions (KPI, Sales, Engagement, etc.) at our clients’ target return on ad spending. Think Realtime was one of the first to have a direct integration with the Google ADX, and has since expanded to include access to other large RTB enabled sources including Admeld, AppNexus, Right Media by Yahoo!, and Facebook Exchange.

Think Realtime works with the web’s most sophisticated marketers to measure, be accountable to the same metrics used in paid search, influence and drive consumer sales using the display advertising channel 98% coverage in North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Middle Eastern regions of the world.

Think Realtime provides three key services to our clients

  • Retargeting – target your prospects that don’t convert on your site
  • Real time bidding – machine learning and proprietary algorithms create the most powerful RTB system available
  • Dynamic Ad Serving – convert the sales to the most targeted customer, by putting the most relevant ads in front of them at the right time and the right price